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Risk and its management have been taking an increasingly important role, both in the business model of organizations and in the way this management contributes to the model in creating value. This constantly changing and complex world demands that a company’s risk management be more involved in the formation of strategic objectives as much as in the tactical plans implemented to reach their goals, all without forgetting about the risk associated with day-to-day operations.

Opportunities and threats in the external environment such as, competition, natural phenomena, political decisions, changes in the environment, technological development and the imposition of regulatory standards, among others, join the aspects of organizational culture, human talent, internal processes, technology systems, internal control, etc. to define a plan of action where an organization’s strategic objectives must be met to fulfill their vision and thereby achieve their mission.

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About Mirabal Risk Management

Mirabal Risk Management works closely with clients to optimize their management of risk and thus be able to deliver the highest level of added value to their organization.

The philosophy of our firm is based on the principle that risk is a natural element that is part of the business model of organizations. How this risk is managed will decide the contribution made to the value-creation model that organizations adopt and thus create opportunities which can be turned into competitive advantages.

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